Saturday, April 11, 2009

What a week

This past week has been a whirl-wind, to say the least. It all started with laying in bed Sunday night, figuring out my week. Zoe was back to school on Monday, I had work (both D4L and the Good Book), I was going to Bainbridge Island to hang out with my friend Kristi and baby Ethan (which was long overdue and a lot of fun. Ethan is a cutie-pie who looks like a mini-Scott!) and we had Easter festivities planned with grandparents, my brother, his wife and new baby, etc. etc. I even added an overnight stay with my good friend Danika and her girls (WAY overdue and much needed. The girls are so cute together and have fun and Zoe wants to know when the next sleep-over is!)

Then Monday came.

For the first time in weeks, I woke up, the sun was shining and I didn't worry if this would be the week - work at D4L has been slow and my hours have been cut back and cut back, so I always approached Monday's with a bit of anxiety about my job still being there. So, got the girls up and ready; Teagan to my moms, Zoe to school and headed to work. Things were fine, sort of. Do you ever get that feeling - the one that is like, "Uh-oh, something is going on." Well, towards the end of my day, we have the conversation - the one that includes being laid off and tomorrow is my last day. Even though I knew it could happen at any time, it still sucks when it actually does - you always hold out hope that the building industry will pick-up, a bunch of people will want to remodel their kitchens/baths and only want you to do it, etc. etc. So, Tuesday was my last day at D4L, until things pick back up, if they do at all. I've been there for 3.5 years and my boss(s) are like family - my kids call them Grandma and Grandpa and Teagan came to work with me since she was 6 weeks old!!

This has all been a good lesson for me about having faith and trusting that it will all work out. Duffy has been awesome about making me feel better about stuff and Zoe told me that it was a good thing to stay at home with your kids!

SO, will I get another job - that is the question of the hour. I don't know. I work a few hours here and there for my mom and will probably pick up more in the next month. I'm looking into filing for unemployment and that would be VERY helpful if it works out. We may sell my car (a topic of conversation for months now since we will be outgrowing it shortly) - anyone intersted in a 2000 Volvo V70R??? Otherwise, I'm going to enjoy the blessing of being at home more and hope that the weather warms up so I can get my garden in - I may need all the free veggies I can get!!!


Stephanie Ann said...

wow, i'm really sorry to hear that. that's so tough with kids and biggest fear lately. but i will work out. it always does. :) you'll be in my thoughts and prayers.

..melissa.. said...

Wow..what a week you had!

I will be thinking of you guys and hopefully the right job comes along or maybe not-maybe some time at home would be better. Who knows?! But God's got it under control, right?? I have to remind myself of that ;)

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