Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Off to Portland

The girls and I are taking off for a weekend in Portland to hang out with my brother Jordan and sister-in-law, Bethany. I'm really looking forward to getting out of town and just spending time with them because when they come up here, things are hectic (Bethany's parents and sister live up here also) and when they leave, I always feel like I didn't really get to spend much time with them at all. They are expecting a baby girl in about 2 weeks and I'm sure, getting anxious for her to arrive. I can't wait see Jordan as a father and I know, things will come naturally to him - they always do! He's great with my girls and they love to talk to him on the phone, making it hard for him and I to ever talk!

As with everything I do, I'm trying to cram a lot of stuff into a quick trip. Of course a stop at Ikea is a must (they live 5 min. from the Portland one) and I have another friend I may try to connect with. On the way home, we are stopping in Olympia to visit our friends Mike and Carolyn (Duffy is going down Sat. to have a guys night with Mike - uh oh, that means trouble!!!) and their baby, Brady. I'm super excited since we haven't seen them in ages!
I'm looking forward to the time away but have a strange feeling I'll come home more tired than when I left!

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..melissa.. said...

I hope you took some pictures because I want to see pregnant Bethany!!

Jordan WILL be a wonderful father. He had a great example growing up and I know he will follow in his footsteps :)

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