Friday, February 13, 2009

20 Weeks

20 weeks to go until Baby Moore arrives. We had an ultrasound and everything is great - the tech said that baby is beautiful - go figure! I'm feeling pretty good, except for the migraines. If they would stop, I'd be much happier!

Hope everyone has a great Valentine's day. I'll post more soon - getting ready for Grandma and Grandpa Moore this weekend!


darah said...

woo hoo!! halfway there!!

the powers that be hope that you take pics as soon as your pants don't fit anymore :)

That Girl Gretchen said...

Are you going to find out the gender or are you having a surprise?

Sarah said...

Hi Melissa! Sarah...Brian's wife here...congrats on making it to half way through the pregnancy! I hope the next 20 weeks fly by quickly. You asked about paint's Valspar brand Gilded Pesto! We got it at Lowe's and while it looks neon green in the's perfect on the walls. Happy painting!

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