Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Fall Has Arrived

Fall has arrived in the Pacific Northwest. Though I hate being cold and having to wear layer upon layer of clothes, I do love all that comes with fall: falling leaves, brisk walks outside, apples, yummy fall comfort food, pumpkins, and Zoe's favorite, Halloween. We have been busy around our house these last few weeks. We've painted in our bathroom and bedroom; Nathan created extra storage in our laundry room and our closet and I've been doing fall projects with the kids.

Last Saturday we went on the Farm Tour - several local farms are open and have all sorts of things to do from hay rides, hay mazes, food, animals and it's a great time for the kids to see what happens on a farm. We visited a dairy farm, sheep farm and the local Christmas tree farm (they grow tons of apples too!)

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..melissa.. said...

I totally forgot to comment on this post...I love your bedroom color! And the other things I love about that picture are: Lucy and the baseball bat next to Duffy's side of the bed :) I always spot random stuff...haha but really, I love the color. Looks awesome! Can't wait till we have a house I can paint different colors..until then, just beige walls..better then just white I guess!

And I love the picture of Zoe and Duffy walking..precious!

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