Monday, September 8, 2008

We are still alive

Ok, so I've been a bit busy and haven't posted in a while. I do feel sort of bad, but I have no clue who actually reads this blog or cares what's going on, so I shouldn't feel too bad, right???

First off, everyone is healthy again. Just in time for Zoe to go back to school and get all those other kids' germs!! Last Thursday was her first day of school and it was quite a morning. Duffy was home, we had breakfast, showers and were on time, until we couldn't find the camera. We looked everywhere - diaper bags, purses, cars. No camera. We were late so we rushed to school. Lucky for us, our friend Tracy was leaving as we were arriving and took some First Day of School pictures of Zoe (I'll post when I get them!). She seems to really like her new classroom and teachers and there are 4 girls this year (last year was 2). So far, so good. Teagan is a little bummed that she isn't going to school yet.

I've got the crafting bug, big time. I've finally got my room organized and am starting some sewing projects for the girls. I've got a bunch of bags to sew for our Girls Getaway Weekend (another post), painting projects and making cards, etc. I have a very strong urge to rip up all the carpet in the living and dining rooms and may just do it one of these days - we'll just have to live with the sub-floor until I make up my mind as to what I want to do next!

Ok, I'm going back to being crafty!


Carol said...

Melissa Moore - I read your blog every single time you blog - I laugh, I cry, I remember, I dream..., your blog is very dear to me and don't ever stop writing it - I love the Moore Family

Melissa said...

Thanks Carol - I miss you and love you too! I hear you may be coming this direction soon...

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