Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Mac and Caddle

Ok, 2 years ago, Zoe got into watching Mac and Caddle (American Idol) and since I was out-numbered, I started watching also. Two years ago, I even had a boyfriend (sorry baby!). He's just so cute to look at and he always reminded me of Duffy!

So this year, Zoe has a favorite. I expected it to be a blonde, princess girl (we are into princesses at our house - lucky!) or a cute boy. Boy was I wrong. Zoe's favorite American Idol contestant is........ are you ready........

Duffy and I can't stand her! I think she looks like Cruella DeVille and her singing is horrible! I'm so ready for her to go home! But Zoe is a die-hard fan. She loves her hair and her clothes! Maybe she'll grow up to be a punk/rocker/biker chic instead of a princess (Zoe actually thinks we are going to go to another country and visit a princess one day!)


..melissa.. said...

I love this post!!

And I love Chris! I was listening to his cd today! He is so great!!

I can't believe Zoe loves that punk princess ;) Such a mind of her own huh?! haha I love it!

Carol said...

Tell Zoe her favorite quote is 'I was born a long way from home. I have spent my whole life just trying to get back' and has a sordid past already although she is a nurse..!! But Melissa is right - a mind of her own is to be encouraged!

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